Use Arrow Keys or Touch Screen to Steer. Space to Retry. Return quick restarts.

Created by @Doomlaser

Music by @DanTerminus
Title Music by @Christine

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Updated 10 days ago
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Abstract, Endless, Minimalist, Procedural Generation, Runner, Synthwave, Touch-Friendly
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast


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Short but great game!! I like the music and the design!! Good luck with it!!




congrats! looks like a good fun run :)


It was amazing. Was on track most of the time too (till the end where I fell apart)


Starting to get close to 200😬


I keep coming back to this. I don't have a clue why, it's just so fun yet simple. 10/10

Definitely the new "Slope".


I'll get there some day!


my finger tips were sweaty


113 Seconds

Just got 98 seconds... So close to 100😭


39 second


Reminds me of "super hexagon"

Can't get more than 18 seconds

Edit: just got 21

Just got 24

I find eventually I learned the patterns and was able to go a lot further as it became reflex. Take your time!


Youre right I just got 44

Is the soundfile for "80 seconds" right? It never sounds like 80 to me

I just like how you can spend so long off the track before landing back on it and you have no penalty.


Im pretty sure you crash after like, 10 seconds off the track , also it pauses your progress timer


I have finally defeated you, dark7z


pretty good but very hard 9/10





i just try to remember the layout of the game and predict my next mov

Deleted 90 days ago

I think I got an unbeatable score...



its a great game however there is a glitch were sometimes to obstacules will spawn on top of each other but besides that best web game ive ever plyed 8/10


bro i can't get past 48.10, its addicting



it got reset again

Which browser are you using, and are you on phone or computer?

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chrome on a computer. it happens when i mash i keys so it might be just a weird shortcut on's side

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im back

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Love this game, hard but addicting.


i love this game. A useful feature would be a practice mode where you would be able to pick your level so you can practice it and  it could have checkpoints aswell

Good idea.


This is a fantastic concept for a game. Right out of the gate its just immediately fun. Please polish this and make a full game. Keep the randomized elements. I would pay money for this. 


this is really cool and fun to play 


great game

hard as hell, but fun and addicting. would love to see this concept used for a lot more


Really great game! I would definitely like to see a collab with Poly Track (by Kodub) lol. If there is ever more updates or even a full game, I'd love a world record stat, where people can keep playing to get the most amount of time as the world record. Other than that, this game is addicting and fun, and I love that you don't really know what's coming up in front of you and it sort of just appears. The difficulty is amazing. :D


a few tries, i think i got the hang of it


now im stuck here

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after many more tries (and a bit of confusing the game to the point where i was driving on air and it was adding to time)


try to beat this, 


glider mode OP


perfect game. hard to get the hang of, but it is extremely fun to fly out of the map and try to get back in (im assuming its intended)


my best is 44.28 sec, and flying in the air i cant tell is a feature or a bug im heavly abusing rn XD

Glider Mode! Once you’ve been free-falling for a second or so, your bike switches into Glider Mode, and you can shift gravity while you’re falling by steering :)

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i really liked the design, and i was curious why you made the death floor purposely so distanced from the platforms, now i know why :) nice game mate! you should most definitely make a high score holder. (most likely going to be abused... but it tells you if there's bugs/leaks in the code)

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also i figured a way to abuse glider mode and get a score of 97.40. how? just dont land and circle around everything. XD tapping things as you go to stay afloat :>

Glider mode is there to be abused! It’s fun! :)

My top score is in the low 300s. I think the optimal strategy is still to learn all the level chunks and execute them if you can, and use Glider Mode mostly for accident recoveries.

That said, Glider Mode does give the player a lot of discretion to play in their own style. The more you use it, especially if you are skilled with it, the cooler the landings look, and you also get to explore hidden and obscure parts of the outer level geometry.

yea :p


This game is good, hard but good. The camera needs to be zoomed out so I can properly see what's in front of me and the obstacles blend in with the backround so it's kinda hard to see them. But overall I gove this an 8.5/10 

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just before you fall the code is ment to pull you in the direction your facing so just turn the bottom of the  vehichle to the floor and bam your back on... lol that might be a bug

I know that but I was mostly talking about how itś hard to see anything

its glider mode


these edibles ain't shi-

Game hella rad but difficult af, sometimes I can't even tell what's in front of me. would be cool if there were difficulty levels and also actual time to react to obstacles, sometimes you just have to rely on psychic powers to foresee what's gonna cross your path

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Definitely. If people like this prototype of the game enough, we will return with an even more polished version in the future. Maybe for a couple bucks on Steam.

The dream then would be to have more explicit unlocking difficulty levels, and a graphic design style that signposts deadly obstacles more clearly.

But even in this version, if you play it enough to learn all the different “chunks”, you can get quite good and go very far. My best score is in the 300s!

Thanks for playing & providing feedback! ❤️


Yep, I really like the fundamental elements and would love to see your future works taking these even further. Lots of luck for your path as developers.

Run: Evolved



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Here are some fun & useful debug keys: Press X to toggle Pause, Press M to toggle music, Press 2 to see the raw collision detection cube, Press G to enter Glider Mode at any time

And here’s a nice 169 second run

Thanks for playing! ❤️

there is bug with debug

if you view collision and enter glide mode it shows both the collision box and the bike at the same time

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