A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Owl Country was created by several TIGSource forum community members during GDC 2008, primarily in a hotel room at the Holiday Inn Civic Center. 


  • Hold spacebar to swoop.  Steer your swoop with the left and right keys.
  • Attack Pigeons.  Up Arrow Flaps.  Don't hit lamp posts.
  • Extra lives for hitting gentlemen with pigeons.
  • Your score increases rapidly with each successive pigeon hit in the same swoop.  Swoop strength levels up.



Ivan “toastie” Safrin, Mark “Golds” Johns (Doomlaser), Alec “Alec” Holowka (Bit Blot)

Written in C and OpenGL


Adam “AdamAtomic” Saltsman (Homepage), Mark Johns, Ivan Safrin, Kevin “Greater Beast” Coulton


Alec Holowka


Owl – Tommy “Tommunism” Refenes (Pillowfort)

Narrator – Phil Fish (Kokoromi/Polytron)

Gentlemen – Brandon “BMcC” McCartin, Ivan Safrin, Adam Saltsman, Tommy Refenes, Mike Lee

Combos – Mark Johns

Misc. Owl – Steve Swink (Flashbang)

WHY OWL COUNTRY?  As Guert  explains,
Once upon a time, in Montreal, Canada, a small group of indie developers were leaving an event called Gamma 256. The evening had been lovely and it was time for everyone to go back home and dream about the wonderful time they just had. Destiny had something else planned...

As they sayed their good-byes, a common pigeon flew over their heads. Little did it know, this little flight proved to be a horrible mistake. Out of nowhere, an owl flew out of the darkness and viciously attacked it. Dazed and confused, the pigeon landed right in front of our friends and tried to escape by flying away. Unfortunatly for mister pigeon, mister owl had an ace up its sleeve. The noctural hunter zoomed above, landed in the a nearby tree. Few seconds later, feathers floated down on the group. 

Since that day, all of the witnesses of this event were deeply affected by the violence of the owl, except Fish, who keeps claiming that he doesn't remember a thing. But in the end, we all know that Fish had the owl under his command, which explains why he "doesn't remember"...

Now, you know the story... 

Actually, as far as we know, the pigeon escaped.  The feathers that floated down were from the initial swoop, and it was our presence that startled the owl away. However this retelling is pretty close

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owlcountry-win.zip 25 MB
owlcountry-osx.zip 24 MB

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