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Your Spaceship: Shot down...
Your Father: Dead.
Your Mission: REVENGE

Hunt for the technology required to obliterate your enemies and avenge your father. Destroy the reactors. Will you uncover the hidden secret behind this asteroid archipelago?

Z: Jumps
X: Shoots
Alt-Enter: Toggles Full Screen

Programming & Design by @Doomlaser
Art by @kevinflynn and @Doomlaser

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barnacle.zip 2 MB


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nic egame i like it

This game is really cool ! :). I love your animations ! :D. But there is a little bug. At the floor with the "orange elevator", I' ve jumped on the top of the elevator before it start to go up. It stay down and I can't go down ;).  Great job anyway :). Keep it up ! :)

Came here from URLRoulette – game looks sweet! :)