Music, MIDI Synchronization, HUD, Drawing Clean Lines in Unity, and Light Effects

i've been working on HUD stuff and fighting unity's stupid prefab system. In my downtime, I've been assembling a youtube playlist of visual references. It's something of a tradition i have with games i start working on

some classics in there  — terminator vision, blade runner lights, robocop death & rebirth sequence, alien, tron 1982, raytheon fighter jet hud displays, etc..

But I've also been looking at stage light shows from concert footage.. rl grime, justice, skrillex, etc

A little over 3 years ago I was working on a different compo game in Unity where I was going to use trap music. it's where I salvaged the code I use to control the procedural level colors and stuff. 

In that game I built this whole system where I could manipulate parts of the game given the waveform of the audio playing, along with a MIDI system that is tied to each in-game music track, with significant events marked out to control lights and platform movement in the game.. sort of a synesthesia effect, and a system similar to what i built for the tap tap revenge games.

Doing midi or game event + click track triggered moves on banks of foggy atmospheric spotlights all over a last man standing level that's pumping trap drops would feel pretty cool, at least in my imagination.

On the UI front, I've also found a solution for rendering lines for my HUD and other effects that's both more simple and sophisticated than just rendering meshes with a wireframe shader.

Should prove useful in a variety of contexts — one of my inspirations for the HUD is Raytheon's heads up display interface for US fighter jets

See you in the next update.

As always, if you're interested in keeping up with the development of the game, along with whatever else I'm interested in, you can follow me on Twitter @Doomlaser

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